Best Tweet Examples

This tweet effectively informs the public about current technologies advancing our way of communication.

This tweet acknowledges how technology can be impacted by government sanctions. For the public, a lack of privacy is a grave concern.

This tweet is effective due to the rise in people watching television shows online rather than on their television. This helps the public find out which is more cost effective.

This tweet is effective in showing the strategies made by a public relations team to show case the new curvy Barbie. This helps to inform those within the PR community of how to combat backlash for releasing new products.

This tweet is effective as another leading social media platform helps to advance the way the world communicates.

This tweet, similar to the one above, shows how social media is consistently engaging the world and influencing us in positive ways.

This tweet was effective due to the primary’s occurring in NY. Many of my followers are young voters who need to be aware of their voter information in order to vote.

This tweet was effective to remind those within NY trying to vote that day of the amount of time they would have left to vote with a link to ensure that it is accurate.

This tweet was effective in acknowledging the lack of privacy we may have from the government when it comes to our phones.

Many college students immediately get out of college to find no job offerings. So, this tweet was able to announce that there are job opportunities in paradise.

This tweet was effective as students were able to come to an event that provided reproductive health information. This helps students on my campus to maintain a healthy sex life.

This tweet is effective as many students on campus aren’t too happy with our end of the year concert. This leads to many students resurrecting the traditional BSR (bar crawl) and it is important to note to students that even our local businesses know that BSR will be back in action despite what our school may try to tell us or distract us from.

This tweet is heavily effective as recently our campus has started to discuss Title IX where students can report sexual assaults on campus or even off campus. This documentary is important for students to hear, see, or watch.

This tweet is effective because it helps to remind students of student organization events happening on or off campus.

This tweet is effective in allowing students to be aware of the campus events by meeting with President Stanley, our school president.