Teaching Project Plan

Brief Description:

I would like to become an effective blogger as well as understand what websites are best to use to blog as a creative writer. After taking CRW305 I have learned how to write extensive amounts of poetry and created my own chapbook. For this project I would like to create my own blog/website where I can feature my chapbook and the process of creating a chapbook for other viewers to follow. I will be showing people how to create their own chapbooks through photos and videos that they can watch on my blog/website. I will also be using my Instagram account to post pieces from the chapbook and other creative works I will be writing throughout the semester. Overall, I want to understand how to create a website that will enable viewers to learn more about me as a poet and watch videos and/or pictures of how people can create their own chapbooks while also managing an Instagram account as a blog source for people to follow, read my new poems, and find other poets to follow.

Learning Objectives:

1. To understand how to set up a website/blog and pick the best media platform that is best for creative writers.

2. To create and design the website/blog while also promoting that I will be posting my own poetry on my Instagram account and for my followers to check out my website/blog

3. To publish poems on my Instagram account and post about other influential poets. I will also post on my website videos and other pictures on how to create your own chapbook.

4. Gain skills that will help me become more media savvy and marketable as a writer and/or publicist. I would like to continue this and turn it into a side hobby after I graduate SUNY Oswego.

I will create a website/blog and post to my Instagram account and I will have it updated at least once a week. The posts will include my poems, new or influential poets to look out for via my Instagram. I will post videos and pictures of how to create different chapbooks on my website/blog.  I will post poems that are featured in my chapbook or some that I may be working on at the moment.


Teaching the class: I would like to host a 3 screencast. During this workshop, I will go on to explain how writers or other artists can create their own websites to market themselves and sell their work. By explaining this I will tell participants which websites work better or aren’t expensive, the process of using paypal or other financial services for an online store, and more. I will then also give a small presentation on how others can create their own chapbooks.

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